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2016 schedule

"The Power of Story"

Date: March 18-20
Time: 9:00 - 5:00
Cost: $750

Please join Ann Rainey and experience the gifts available to you through the process of Reconstruction. This three day (small group) workshop safely allows you, with other group members, to explore what is keeping you frozen in your life. This program will help you understand yourself and your struggles at a deeper level through expression of self and your generational story. Understand your family generational trauma and how it impacts you today.

"Healing From Trauma
and Grief"

Date: May 20-22
Time: 9:00 - 5:00
Cost: $750

Our group leader for this program, Joan Furman, has long been recognized for her amazing ability to support healing for individuals recovering from life’s traumas and losses. Whether it is tragic life events or the death(s) of significant individuals in your life, this workshop will support you in your grieving and healing process.

"Recovery from Codependency"

Date: July 15-17
Time: 9:00 - 5:00
Cost: $750

Learn about yourself in relationship with the addict in your life, child, spouse, family member or friend. Whether a behavioral/process, or chemical addiction, Ann Rainey will assist you in gaining knowledge, insight, skills, emotional awareness and healing. You will learn invaluable tools.

"Passages Healing Program"

Date: September 15-18
Time: Thurs 9am - Sun 5pm
Location: Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tucson, Arizona
Cost: $1475 (includes room and board)
         $975 (includes lunches and dinners)
Passages Healing Program is a program designed to promote new awareness and growth. Come participate in this life changing experience! It is an amazing opportunity for you to work on trauma, attachment, addictions and the healing of family of origin issues.

"Healing and Nutrition"

Date: October 21-23
Time: 9:00 - 5:00
Cost: $750

Please join June Pitts, therapist and registered dietitian, for a program designed to facilitate the process of healing your relationship with food and body issues. We will also focus on sound nutrition practices for everyday life. Give yourself the gift of reclaiming you!


Dear13-year-old me,

There are multiple things in life at times that you cannot avoid, you have to acknowledge them then and there. Your dad did not leave you because of anything you did, IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. You have to let go of the anger and the hurt and know you were not the cause of it. Your mom will say things to hurt you on purpose but know you didn't hurt her, she was hurt far before you and you cannot fix her. No matter how hard you try, you are not her lifeline. You will get to a point where you believe giving up is the best option and better for everyone, but it is not true. You don't need to cut or burn yourself, drink, smoke, or even try to take your life. You can get through without any of those things. Your mon will depend on you and try and control you be degrading you. She will tell you that no one will ever love you, that you are fat, that you are stupid, that she made a mistake with you, she will rip every angle and every part of you but you have to ignore it. You have to know that it's not true, she is just sick. You are smart, driven, beautiful, you have more morals than you know and you can be happy. Nothing is going to be simple in life, it all takes work. You don't NEED her, you just want her. You will feel alone at times and because of her you will push everyone away. People want to love you, want to care for you, people see you for you. This does not define you nor will break you. At some point you will have to face all of this and at that point you can break it all down one piece at a time. It will cause a lot of tears, anxiety, hurt, anger, but it is you. These obsticles do not define you, they were only a part of you.

More that anything in this world, love yourself. Never give up and know you can do anything, some days will hurt more thatn others but they will pass.

-K.M.A, age 21


The generational stories of the families we are born into defines our realities in ways that are often beyond our conscious awareness. Our journey through life is fraught with conscious and unconscious decisions that are shaped by the belief systems, spoken and unspoken, of the families we are raised in. To understand ourselves it is important to understand the experiences of the people who did or did not raise us and the people who did or did not raise them. The stories, or lack thereof, can lead to insight that facilitates emotional recovery and peace. The knowledge of the emotional disease of the generations before us, and the link to our own negative and harmful choices as the next generation open the doors to recovery. This is not a search for bad guys or people to blame, rather it is a search for the truth. The power of that truth opens doors to letting go of those things that we are carrying, and opens up space for healing.

The journey to emotional recovery takes courage and time. It takes commitment and willingness. There are many painful and sad emotions and joyful revelations that are a necessary component of the work. And it is work! One amazing truth is that with the work comes choice and the opportunity to make lasting change.

Libby Leinweber, LCSW, BCD
Owner, Arizona Family Therapy



The Child

Your inner child is your first-born daughter, if you’re a woman, and son if you’re a man. Your inner child will be with you when you die. At the end of the day, you’ll want to have your integrity intact, and your arm around that child.

Through “role-reversing”-putting yourself in someone else’s skin-you learn x-ray vision. This x-ray vision will help you cultivate compassion for others and, ultimately, for yourself.

Bear in mind that the pain your parents passed on to you, most likely, was passed down to them first. Imagining their lives, their parents’ lives, going back into history-this is where compassion for your parents begins, and forgiveness.

When hurtful things happen to us or those around us as children, there was nothing we could do but go into survival mode. As adults, we can revisit what happened with wiser eyes. It takes courage to go back to dark places, but revisiting these events and rescuing that “child” is what allows us to move from understanding ourselves to knowing ourselves the path to living fully.

We treat ourselves the way we were treated as children. If we were never listened to, we don’t listen to ourselves as adults. When we can identify ways we were mistreated, we can decide if that’s how we want to continue to treat ourselves. Sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to outgrow our patterns.

Dorothy Baldwin Satten, PhD


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